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Sexual Assault Kit Tracking Website

This video demonstrates the Sexual Assault Kit Tracking website provided by the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory ( The presentation is available as a pdf here.

This website can be used by not only local resources like hospitals and law enforcement agencies, but also by the victims and survivors of sexual assault, to track these kits through the criminal justice system. This allows the involved parties to determine the current status of a kit using a unique and anonymous tracking number.

Please contact one of the Sexual Assault Kit Tracking Administrators of the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory if you have any questions:

Carol Grinstead
Beverly Pannell
(501) 683-6145
(501) 683-0470

The Biological Evidence Preservation Handbook

The Biological Evidence Preservation Handbook offers guidance for individuals involved in the collection, examination, tracking, packaging, storing, and disposition of biological evidence. This may include crime scene technicians, law enforcement officers, healthcare professionals, forensic scientists, forensic laboratory managers, evidence supervisors, property managers, storage facility personnel, lawyers, testifying experts, court staff members, and anyone else who may come in contact with biological evidence. While many of the recommendations relate to the physical storage, preservation, and tracking of evidence at the storage facility, this handbook also covers the transfer of the material between the storage facility and other locations and discusses how the evidence should be handled at these other locations.

ASCL Case Management Guidelines

The document below outlines the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory policy on testing evidence.Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis, if needed.

ASCL Evidence Packaging Guidelines

The Powerpoint presentation below instructs law enforcement on proper ways to package evidence to be submitted to the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory. For questions regarding evidence packaging, please contact Andrea Swift at 501-683-6100 or

CODIS Sample Collection

This video demonstrates the proper way to collect a DNA sample and submit sample information, either by hand entry or the use of the STACS-DB Remote Collection Module website (

Please contact the CODIS Administrator of the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory at (501) 227-5747 if you have any questions.

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