Can my group tour your facility?

Unfortunately, tours of the facility are not available. The ASCL is loaded with cases that need to be processed and we have to follow strict evidence handling guidelines. In addition to this, there are chemical and biohazard risks involved in some of the work done in the laboratory that we do not wish to expose to the public.

How do I get a job with the ASCL?

Please see our Careers section for general information regarding the education requirements of most analyst positions at the lab and also a link to currently open positions listed on the Arkansas state jobs website.

How do I request a death certificate?

When an examination has been performed by the Crime Lab, a certificate of death is issued with the deceased when they are released to the funeral home, unless the death was pronounced out of state. A death certificate serves to certify that a death has occurred, and even if it does not have a specific cause or manner of death listed initially (“Pending”), it is still considered an official document and is registered at the County Health Department and sent to the State Health Department, Bureau of Vital Records. Copies of the death certificate can be obtained by families either from the funeral home or by contacting Vital Records directly (501-661-2336). If the death certificate has been ruled “pending”, when the Medical Examiner has made a final ruling as to the cause and/or manner of death, he will issue a supplemental death certificate, which is then mailed to the State Bureau of Vital Records in Little Rock. This may take weeks or, in some instances, months because of the complexity of the case as well as necessary laboratory and investigative studies.

Can you release evidence to me once it has been processed?

We are generally only allowed to release property to the law enforcement authority that submitted it to us for testing. Please contact the investigating law enforcement officials for their procedures.

How do I get to the ASCL?

Please go to map page

Is the State Police Headquarters still located in your building?

No. The State Police Headquarters moved to 1 State Police Plaza Drive, Little Rock, AR 72209. Please visit their website www.asp.state.ar.us for more information.