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Forensic DNA

Forensic DNAThe focus of the Forensic DNA Section of the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory is to provide forensic DNA typing of selected biological materials associated with official investigations including sexual assaults, homicide and property crimes. The Forensic DNA section utilizes the latest in PCR technology to assist law enforcement in cases involving DNA evidence.

Forensic DNA Examiners Responsibilities:

  • Analyzing, interpreting and reporting DNA casework 
  • Providing expert testimony in a court of law 
  • Interacting with investigative personnel 

Examiners must have a BS/BA degree in a biological science including coursework in genetics, biochemistry, statistics, and molecular biology.

DNA Examiner training involves on the job training with qualified analysts and with individuals, agencies, or other laboratories having an established training program and considerable experience in molecular biology and forensic DNA casework.

Forensic DNA

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